The Colvin Co

The Colvin Co Ecommerce 2018 FOUNDERS: Andrés Cester | Sergi Bastardas | Marc Olmedillo Online flower shop fitted with its own technological solutions that eliminates much of the large intermediation in the sector. ← Science BitsNetRivals →

Science Bits

Science Bits Edtech SaaS 2018 FOUNDERS: Héctor Ruiz | Ariadna Álvarez Multimedia science lesson archive software that replaces textbooks. It is a platform that allows teachers to speed up and improve their processes, facilitating student learning. ← The Colvin CoThe Colvin Co →

Pangea Travel Store

Pangea Retail Travel 2017 FOUNDERS: David Hernández Travel Agency with a USP based on advanced technology for offline retail which enables an innovative and highly distinguishing customer experience vs the traditional agency. ← DevicareThe Colvin Co →


Devicare Health Tech | Medical Devices 2017 FOUNDERS: Rosendo Garganta Health Tech providing innovative medical devices and treatments in the urology field. ← MiscotaPangea Travel Store →


Miscota Omnichanel Retail 2016 FOUNDERS: Albert Costa / Vicent Jornet Multichannel pet-store that operates under the Miscota, Animalerar, Petness and Vetality brands. ← Clinic PointDevicare →

Clinic Point

Clinic Point Health Tech Marketplace | SaaS 2016 FOUNDERS: Marc Montserrat | Guillermo de Bernola Marketplace that puts doctors in touch with patients. Additionally, it provides health – related technological solutions for businesses. ← CarethyMiscota →


Carethy Ecommerce | Marketplace 2016 FOUNDERS: Albert Costa | Xiaolei Jin Fragrance, beauty and wellness products online store. It stands out for offering one of the world’s largest catalogues and for its global impact. ← JardinitisClinic Point →


Jardinitis Ecommerce 2016 FOUNDERS: Jordi Marron Gardening and Home & Living products e-commerce. ← ArboribusCarethy →


Arboribus Crowdlending 2015 Platform that puts creditworthy companies in need of a loan with investors wanting to diversify their portfolio. ← Parlem TelecomJardinitis →

Parlem Telecom

Parlem Telecom Telecom 2014 FOUNDERS: Ernest Pérez-Mas Proximity Telecommunications Company. It operates under the brands Parlem and Aproop. ← WorldcooArboribus →
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