SOLFY Renewable Energies 2023 FOUNDERS: Sergio Balcells - Sergi Sans Marketplace that optimizes the installation of photovoltaic panels for companies and individuals ← Enley


Enley Legaltech Ecommerce 2023 FOUNDERS: Guillermo Briones Online platform of low cost legal services. ← WorldcooSOLFY →

Soltech Energy

Soltech Energy Renewable energies 2022 Soltech is a complete provider that offers, develops, sells, installs and optimises solar cell solutions. ← TattooxWorldcoo →


Tattoox SaaS Enabled Marketplace 2022 FOUNDERS: Joel Orteu | Marc Tudó | Genís Morral | Jordi Tena | Enric Miró Marketplace that facilitates the matching between tattoo studios and clients. Digitizing the tattoo industry with a global perspective. ← SudSoltech Energy →


Bejao Fitness App Plataform 2022 FOUNDER: Alberto Sanz App that helps monetization for fitness content creators while centralizing courses and other services for their followers. ← PeoopleNetRivals →


Peoople Social Shopping App 2021 FOUNDERS: David Pena Social Platform where content is shared (music, movie & TV shows, fashion, beauty, electronics, gaming and decoration) allowing its users to become influencers and monetize their recommendations. ← GamestryQuòpiam →


Gamestry Gaming Video Plataform 2020 FOUNDERS: Guillermo Torrens | Alejo Torrens Video platform where gamers can improve their level thanks to courses run by the best Pro Players. ← TropicfeelPeoople →


Tropicfeel DNVB Travel Fashion 2020 FOUNDERS: Alberto Espinós Digital Native Vertical Brand which designs and markets innovative and sustainable apparel products for travellers with the help of a wide community. ← DelivereaGamestry →


Deliverea Logistics SaaS 2019 FOUNDERS: Joan Rovira | Ramon Pujol Software that allows the shipment, return and tracking management of packages by optimizing shipping prices and timings. ← RacetickTropicfeel →


Racetick Marketplace Sports Events 2019 FOUNDERS: Lluís Genero Online platform that puts sports events organizers in touch with athletes facilitating the registration and marketing of bibs. ← NetRivalsDeliverea →
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